Revolver: Rebound was a class project- an assignment to complete a simple, polished game in just 7 weeks. It was supposed to take a single mechanic and build an elegant game around it. Revolver: Rebound's mechanic is the ability to control your bullet's ricochets during a robotic, western-style shoot-'em-up, allowing complex and stylish shots. 

For this game, I worked on rigging and animation the protagonist and enemy characters. I also textured them, along with some of the environment. I modeled, rigged, and textured the first person view of the protagonist's hand and gun. I also designed and painted the UI, and created concept art/reference images for the enemies and protagonist. 

This project was worked on alongside Robert McKenna, Francesca Carletto-Leon, and Sam Wallach. 

A view of the first level from up above! Enemies dot the town.

Concept art for the enemies.

The protagonist's idle animation. 

The enemy's idle animation.

Concept art for the protagonist.