Chinmoku is my Senior project, done while in Japan during the summer of 2015. I created it with my teammates Francesca Carletto-Leon, Robert McKenna, and Sam Wallach.  Chinmoku won the award for Best College Serious Game at the 2016 MassDigi Game Challenge!

Chinmoku is a learning horror mystery, where the player needs to find their lost friend and battle ghosts by writing and learning Japanese. Using the phone, connected to the PC via bluetooth, players can write in Japanese hiragana characters to slay enemies and solve puzzles.

While working on Chinmoku, I had many jobs. I concepted, modeled, UV'd, and textured environmental objects. I also UV'd, textured, rigged, and animated the protagonist as well as the enemy characters. I also painted custom UI and buttons for the puzzle interfaces. 

Francesca Carletto-Leon and Robert McKenna

A textured, unlit, modular environment.

A fully lit level!

A puzzle interface!

Rita checking her phone.

Wall concept art.

Floor concept art.

Rita on the run!